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Atrium Innovations has pioneered natural therapeutics dedicated to your holistic approach to individualized healing. Our expansive, science-based product lines, rigorous manufacturing processes, and unrivaled education programs are all designed to help you improve your clients, health today and for years to come.

Phone: 1-800-263-5861
Email: sales@atrium-innovations.com
Website: www.atrium-innovations.ca


The excellent clinical results that are achieved with our products, combined with our honest and ethical approach, has earned Cyto-Matrix the trust of many of the most scrutinizing Canadian healthcare practitioners.

Phone: 1-866-783-7504
Email: info@cytomatrix.ca
Website: https://cytomatrix.ca

ORIGINS’ specially trained pharmacists routinely prepare custom medications in response to physician and patient needs. Sterile compounding is the preparation of custom medications free of any contaminants or particles to maintain patient safety.

Phone: 905-847-9696
Email: compounding@originspharmacy.ca
Website: https://originspharmacy.ca/

For over 30 years, our innovative laboratory testing has provided clinicians worldwide with the tools they need to develop effective care plans for their patients and help them build a foundation for a healthier life. With rigorous quality controls, advanced laboratory technology, and fast turnaround times, providers know they can rely on us for accurate and timely results.

Phone: 1.877.318.8728
Email: mtaylor@usbiotek.com

NFH is a Canadian natural health product innovator devoted to the integration and application of evidence-based natural product science in clinical practice. We manufacture formulations of the highest quality for exclusive use by licensed healthcare practitioners. The focus in our formulations is optimal efficacy combined with patient safety.

Phone: 1-866-510-3123
Email: info@nfh.ca
Website: https://www.usbiotek.com/

ICL is a Canadian MOH Licensed and IQMH Accredited not for profit laboratory. With over 50 years in business, ICL launched Integrative Laboratory Services to assist integrative medicine practitioners such as naturopathic doctors, have access to a consolidated service that offers high value, best in cost laboratory testing, sample logistics and consultative support to better guide their patients.

Phone: 416-422-3000
Email: info@iclabs.ca
Website: https://iclabs.ca/

With more than 90 years dedicated to homeopathy and a presence in Canada for over 35 years, Boiron Laboratories have become experts in a unique know-how focused on the medicine of tomorrow. They have set themselves the mission of contributing to a more human approach to medicine, more respectful and sustainable. Every day, they strive to offer patients and professionals a wide range of effective, reliable and useful health solutions, so that everyone can better care for their health, in accordance with their lives. Respect for the patient and for nature is at the heart of their concerns.

Phone: 1-800-264-7661
Contact email: lsicard@boiron.ca
Website: https://www.boiron.ca/

Homeopathy Based on Science

Vitazan Professional is a Canadian nutraceutical company committed to the progress of integrative and naturopathic medicine by fostering collaboration and engaging in clinical research. The Naturopathic Doctor Medical Advancement Panel Solutions (NDMAPS™) is an active board dedicated to researching, developing, and providing novel and high-quality products aimed at achieving improved outcomes.

Phone: 1-888-863-9274
Website: https://vitazan.com/

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