Women's Health Essentials with Dr Carissa Doherty ND and Dr Jodie Peacock ND

Join us for this 6 week series to feel confident with assessing and treating Women’s health concerns in practice.

Lectures will be Live Tuesday evening 8-9pm EST Starting Tuesday September 17th, 2024.
If you can’t attend live you will have access to recording afterwards.

Topics and Dates

Dates Topic
Tuesday September 17th Empowering Women: The Art of Taking a Case
Tuesday September 24th Decoding Health: Leveraging Lab Results in Women’s Wellness
Tuesday October 1st Balancing Act: Essential Hormonal Support for Women
Tuesday October 8th Nourishing the Body: Liver and Adrenal Support Strategies
Tuesday October 15th Gut Instincts: Unraveling the Role of the Microbiome in Women’s Health
Tuesday October 22nd Harmonizing Hormones: Insights into Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

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